If you like poems, check out this blog.

The blog of the fantastic Taylor Mardis Katz.

also known as: intimeweallfly.wordpress.com

I know a lot of you have found my blog through either UCSD’s MFA page or facebook, and I’d love to take this opportunity to point you in the direction of the blog of Taylor Mardis Katz. Taylor is a poet in SDSU’s MFA who writes poems you’ll want to read out loud and then plop on a plate atop the kitchen table and eat. What’s more she’s my good friend and General Life Accomplice®(yes I’ve just gone ahead and trademarked that), and hey, she even posts things other than her own poems (unlike me over here!). In all seriousness, Taylor is a wonderful poet and an exceedingly fantastic human being, and I really do think you’ll enjoy her general musings, the poems of others she posts, and her overall adoration of words. Go over and check it out, tell her I sent you and she’ll get a kick out of it and I’ll give you a high five. *high five*


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