You buried
in your own arms
your eyes, your eyes
bottled up and beet.
You sleep
next to only me
this one night.
You kept on
that heavy breath,
the alcohol thick in,
until morning, and like morning
through a saxophone : your breath
beat on wildly. I’m pressed :
my ear to your back and listening
to you breathe : like a stethoscope
pressed against a flower opening
and closing. A Calypso
beat or Commanche couldn’t break
your sleep: your slim body
pressed safely beneath
the thickness of. I filled
a glass bottle with water
so the flowers kept. I filled
a stein with some tap water
so the morning wouldn’t
have you hung. I kissed
the imprint of my ear
on your skin.
I told you you were
beautiful while I listened
to you breathe. No,
I told your breaths
to be beautiful again.


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