Naked Frisbee

This is a story I just remembered.

One day, I went to Blacks Beach. (Or is it Black’s beach?) Part of the beach is a nude beach. It’s a truly beautiful beach that sits below the towering cliffs and Torrey Pines. The sand is somewhat black in some places. Sometimes, when you take steps and your foot moves the sand, a brilliant blackness is uncovered. I was there, walking.

I always like walking clothed down the nude beach. It is never crowded. Sometimes I feel bad about being clothed. I feel like the nude people at the beach look down on me for wearing shorts. It’s as if I’m not doing my part or following the rules. I often take off my shirt to meet them halfway. But the beach is fascinating.

Once, it was cold, and a man wore a long sleeve shirt and a fleece vest, but no pants. Another time there was an entire troop of naked people playing volleyball. But this is the story of the most wonderful thing I ever did see at the nude beach.

I walked one day, as I began to tell earlier, to the very end of the nude beach. And there stood, with no other person within 150 yards of him, a man. He was naked from head to toe. He was pot bellied and middle aged. He held in his hand a frisbee. He stood facing the beach, 100 feet from the water. He saw me coming, I’m sure of it, although I never saw him look at me.

He reared back and fired the frisbee high up in the air directly towards the ocean and immediately ran full speed to the water. The frisbee angled back down and with the aid of the ocean breeze drifted back to the shore and just as the his feet touched where the sea had just touched he caught the damn frisbee. 

I was completely stunned. A naked man playing frisbee with himself. It’s worth saying twice. A naked man was playing frisbee with himself. How long had he been there? Was he trolling for compliments or someone to play catch with? Was he sad and lonely? Or was he wonderfully happy? Was he simply content and doing what he loved? Does he do this all the time or was I lucky enough to catch a rare specimen performing a rare behavior? I don’t know. I never will, but that man was beautiful. That naked man, playing frisbee with himself.



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