no moon

One of us is sleeping and the other is awake. All of the windows were opened. We

opened all of the windows. The windows that stay open have stayed open. Some

of them are shut. A wasp caught in the hallway. For the heat has us. The gel ice

pack they gave me for my gum surgery is stuffed down one of our shirts. Sleeping in

Portland now, they say we brought the heat. We say we brought the heat. We inherited

a massage chair and put it in the dinette. Bought a coffee table and TV stand. A painting

of snow. The panting dog is little and black and when we leave her alone, to carry

new things up and down the stairs, she misses us like hell and panics. It’s the things

we love about her. She’s heard outside through the opened windows.  The neighbors don’t

always think of us either. But they like their music and I like my music. The ceiling fan’s too slow,

like an old motion picture. 


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